Just Writing

I’m 28 and just recently I decided to move out of my parents house to live with my boyfriend. I know what your probably thinking, but yes I was 28 and still living with my parents, but at the end of the day who cares what you think. Anyways back to my point, so I decided to move into my boyfriend place, and my parents made this situation so difficult to be in. I would have to say more so my mom did. At first she thought I was disrespecting her house because I was choosing  to spend 80 percent of my time at his house while still living under her roof. OK, so after months of irritation from her and other reasons I decided to move in with him. Well since I had not yet to introduce my boyfriend to my parents at that time she thought moving out was the ultimate betrayal. My mother felt that I should live my life the way she felt was right. She wanted me to introduce herself and my father to my boyfriend then wait maybe a couple more months then decide if I wanted move out. She felt I shouldn’t be moving out especially if she doesn’t know him. Well this time I wasn’t having it,  I moved out and decided to introduce my parents to my boyfriend the same day I was moving out. A child should introduce their significant other to their parents on their own time. When they feel its right and at their own pace to make that process as easy as possible. If it was up to me I wouldn’t introduce them until I was 100 percent ready, but to keep the peace I did. Depending on  your up bringing introducing your significant other to your parents can sometimes be easy or just be the hardest thing to do. In my situation I don’t know whether to say it was hard or easy but glad it’s over with.


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