So this morning I called my parents to see what they were up to. Somehow the conversation took a big u-turn right in the middle of the conversation. I know everybody is not like me and people have different personalities. I’m the type of person who I rather have my family as being my best friends. That statement “blood is thicker than water” couldn’t be more wrong. Your family members would treat friends and other people better than they treat their own family. Your friends would probably treat you better than your family sometimes. My own relative stole my identity so I know. I was explaining to my mother that I didn’t understand her children. I have reached out and tried to have a relationship with them but they make it so unreachable. They don’t return the love I’m trying to give to them and it hurts when you don’t receive that love back. I always think to myself why cant we be friends and built some type of relationship with each other. I was explaining to my parents that I cant continue trying because it not fair to me. My mom got all upset instead of staying calm and it made me get upset. My dad than got on the phone to speak peace and gave an understanding to all our feelings. I guess whenever they need me I will be there, but as far as me trying to built something is over. But the God in me probably will give it another try (but no time soon). I am going to live my life and show myself that love I was trying to show them. Not saying I don’t love them because I do, I just need to realize maybe I’m not important enough to them for them to want a relationship with me. Maybe it’s me, I don’t know. I lost my brother in 2009 and I think I’ve been trying to built that relationship we had with them. I miss him and the FRIENDSHIP we had. I could say I am blessed to have my boyfriend because he is truly a best friend to me. If I could give anybody advice it would be don’t close doors of love from a love one because you never know if your missing a blessing! R.I.H JAMIE SANDERS-ARMSTRONG #MYBESTFRIEND #OUR #BOND #WILL #FOREVER #BE #STRONG


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