Continuing to build Self-Confidence

So, I did read thru all the rules Peale stated to build self-confidence. I decided not to write about all of them but the ones that speak to my heart. This morning I did a lot of praying and the one rule that stood out to me was rule number nine in the book but it’s going to be my rule number three. Peale states “Put yourself in God’s hand”. So, this morning just simply state to yourself I am in God’s hand. No matter if you’re in a bad or good place in your life know that you are in God’s hands. Luke 17:21 says “the kingdom of God is within you”. So today let us not worry knowing we are in God’s hands. I have to remind myself a lot that God is with me. Sometimes I look back on life and wonder how I got thru painful times in my life but, don’t worry just know He is with you and always will be. So today if your feeling low or high just simply say “God I know you are with me”. If your sad it will simply fade away and if you are happy it just makes it that much better. When you know somebody has your best interest at heart especially when its someone as great as Him you will have more confidence that you ever imagined. Thank for reading and please follow.


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