Choose One?

Hey everybody welcomes back to my page. So, I’ve been on vacation so it’s been a minute. But I’m back feeling great and looking even better. Hope you all are well and excited for this day of blessings. Okay so back to the book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. We are moving on to chapter two “A Peaceful Mind Generates Power”. Sounds very exciting and powerful. I always pray that God brings me something to write about and as I’m reading the book two phrases jump out to me more than others. Those two phrases are “a mind full of peace” and “ear full of trouble”. If you were to choose one phrase to live by which one would it be? Every day you have the option to choose how to live your life. You have the option to live a peaceful life or a negative life. Don’t be around things or people who brings you an earful of trouble. Do things in your life and be around people who brings a mind full of peace. Life is too short to be wasted on being negative all the time and being around negative people. Remember your mind is more powerful than you think. You’re a child of the King. When you start to live a positive life and start building a relationship with God anything is possible. Don’t walk in life being negative and miserable, because that’s what life will give you. I remember being around people and they would be so negative and look so defeated all the time. I would be thinking “girl why you so mad”. It takes to much energy to be negative all the time. Now I choose a different path for my life because I don’t have time for that. Being around negative people affects you. So, I choose a mind full of PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS. Remember don’t forget to follow and have a positive day.



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