As I try to the read the book
And hear God’s heart
I hear nothing from the start
So, as I’m continuing to read
Finally, I get to that part
As he tells me silence is the key
To hear my heart

As I’m continuing to read The Power of Positive Thinking I get to this paragraph about silence in chapter two. Life can be so full of chaos and can be very mentally draining at times. That doesn’t make it a bad thing. As people we may just have a lot going on in life and things could get exciting at times. I like that word better “exciting”. I’m working on building a relationship with God every day. Maybe I need at least thirty minutes a day of silence to really hear him. Go to the beach where there is no one around and just sit there. Have some time to yourself in silence today, connect with God, and see where that may lead you in your life. Again, don’t forget to follow me. Have a blessed day.


One thought on “Silence

  1. Sounds like sound advice 😉 no pun intended! Today I hope to find time for some silence. Hopefully, I’ll find my calm from all the “excitement” around me.


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