Test Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everybody hope all is well and you’re enjoying a mind full of peace. I had such a blessed day. So, I got off from work early and I came home and starting reading. As I’m reading the book I came up with an activity to do. In the book it also mentions that in order to keep a mind full peace you have to empty your mind. This is something you should as much as possible. So, I came up with an activity that allowed me to do just that, and I made my boyfriend do it with me as well. We wrote down on a piece of paper things that we feared, regretted, worries, had guilt feelings about etc. Then we discussed them with each other. Then we burned every emotion that we may have felt at that time. I learned a lot about myself and more about him. It got very real for a moment. We did something different and we connected and it felt amazing. Were leaving everything in God’s hands. If your feeling brave grab a partner and cast away your worries, fears, and whatever else you feel you need to cast away.


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