Where Should I Go On Vacation Next?


I realized that I need to enjoy life a little more, and what better way to enjoy life, than to travel to beautiful places. I love changing my scenery for a few days. When you come home you literally feel peaceful within yourself and so refreshed. I also love going to places and trying other traditional foods that famous for that state or country. I love to eat and experience cooking from people around the world. I believe a person should go on vacation at least 2 to 3 days a month. You don’t have to travel far either, ever heard of a staycation. I’ve decided to do a vacation list, kind of like a bucket list.


1. Thailand because I hear they have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The dish that I must try in Thailand is Pad Thai and Khao Pad.

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2. Jamaica because of many reasons. I hear it’s just beautiful. The music, nightlife, beaches etc. I mean Bob Marley was from Jamaica mon. The dish that I must try here is there jerk chicken and rice with peas.

New Orleans

3. Last but not least Louisiana. Now I’ve been to Louisiana before, but never been to New Orleans. Great food, music, drinks, and entertainment. A must go for me. The dish I must try here is everything. I must try there gumbo, po-boy, jambalaya, red beans and rice, etouffee, and oysters. And of course whatever else I could think of.

What a nice picture to vision before going to sleep. Remember to always enjoy life, and don’t forget to take your cameras to capture every beautiful moment. #vacations #fun #travel

Ecclesiastes 8:15

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