Starting Something: New Is Fun


Happy hump day my people. Hope everyone is having a grand day. I’m going to hop right into it today. So, Monday I started working out and I also changed my diet. I was never the athletic type, although sometimes I wish I was, so it would be easier for me to workout daily. For the past months I’ve been trying everything to lose weight without having to workout. Fasting, not eating red meat, eating brown rice and chicken, eating more veggies, drinking as much water as I could etc. And on top of all this I love food. Are you catching my struggles I hope so? But I’ve been praying that God helps me continue to change my mind process for a better lifestyle. So, Monday I walked a mile around the block in the hot sun. I was so proud of myself. Tuesday my boyfriend signed me up for the gym. So, for the past two days I’ve been going to the gym. Honestly this gym thing is really starting to finesse me. Gym people be in their own world, and there is no judgment because everybody is there for the same thing. Just have fun with it and start at YOUR OWN PACE. Don’t try to keep up with Bob the body builder next to you. You will give up faster than you think. For my beginners there are a couple things that are needed when you get ready to sign up for the gym.

Home gym equipment

Beginners Kit
1. Reusable water bottle- that you could carry around with you.
2. Towels for when you become sweaty or if you take a shower at the gym (big and medium size)
3. Headsets to listen to music on your phone
4. Change of clothes if you plan on taking a shower at the gym
5. Good work out shoes
6. Lock for lockers
7. A gym bag to put all these things in

That’s about it and just make sure you buy you some comfortable loose workout clothes. When it comes to shopping I love working out. So, if your having trouble signing up for the gym, think about all the shopping you’ll get to do. I think its exciting getting new things no matter what it is. I bought most of my accessories from Amazon. I’ll have all the related links at the bottom of the page so shop away. Today sign up for something you think you wouldn’t do. You never know, you might just find some happiness out of it. Hope you all enjoyed and have a blessed day. #peace #changinglifestyles #love #happiness #Ifeelamazing #nothingbutlove

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  • reusable water bottle                                                                                         


  • Towels



  • Headsets


  • Locks


  • Gym Bag


  • Gym shoes (men & women)














2 thoughts on “Starting Something: New Is Fun

  1. Brilliant. I started going to the gym three years ago. I have a free gym at work. It’s true that you don’t get judged. People are just doing their own thing. And I’d also recommend getting something like a Fitbit on your wrist. They are so addictive. Good luck with it x


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