Fight for You! Fight Depression!


Happy Friday my people. I hope everybody is enjoying their day and living their best life. Depression has really been on my mind. I’m not depressed, but a couple of people that I come across are. This past week I’ve seen posts on FB from friends who are depressed. I’ve had friendships with women who stayed in depressive relationships with men who treats them like pennies. I’ve experienced depression myself. I’ve been thru things just as anybody else could. One thing I’ve learned in life is that God will never forsake you. It takes consistent praying, it takes consistent seeking, it takes consistency in building a relationship with Him. Its CHANGES that I had to make within myself. About five years ago I went thru a really hard time in my life. I learned that life follows the spirit that’s within you. If you think everything is horrible, and will never get better, and always down on yourself, that is what LIFE is going to give you. You have to pray, that all that hatred, guilt, pain, ugliness, and hurt leave your body. You have to pray, forgive, and forget. This is an everyday process. You cannot stop. Your life is not a game, you’re not playing red light, green light. You could never stop praying, believing, and hoping. Sometimes being in love with the wrong things could take love out of you. And you become down and out. Life can become really dark. You completely lose yourself in the process. You have to find a way to put that love back in you. One thing I did to break depression was go back to my childhood days when things didn’t matter in life, and life was fun and joyful. I started cooking again, I started watching TV shows and movies that reminded me of my childhood, and I started being around my parents and family more. Think about the things you would love to do before depression came into your life, and start doing them again. Depression is hurt. Depression is pain. Depression is hatred. It all starts within you. In the book The Power of Positive Thinking he states “Believe that Almighty God has put in YOU the power to lift yourself out of the rough by keeping your eye firmly fixed on the source of the power”. Read that over and over again until you get it. You have a source that is available to you 24/7 use Him. Your more powerful than you even realize. And always remember to be kind to yourself, your AMAZING. #consistency #pray #love #nomoredepression #believeinyou #whatdepression #depression #life


Start with:
1. Consistent Prayer
2. Connecting with the child in you
3. Being kind to yourself
4. And don’t stop!

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