Tacos of the Week


Happy Friday my people. How was everybody week? Mines was okay I guess. I’m just glad its over. I had to do some praying this week. I just thank God for never leaving me. Remember what I said its constant praying. Say a prayer for me today and Ill do the same for you. Hope everybody is having a grand day. So, I want to talk about food today. So, I love food who doesn’t love food. My favorite food besides Soul food is Mexican food. Yes, I love me some good ol’ Mexican food. This week I have been craving tacos like every day. So, I wanted to share with you the tacos that I made this week. I’m so mad at myself I didn’t take any pictures, but that’s okay I’m going to make it work. Next time, I promise, I will have those pictures for you guys, please forgive me. I will have great links for amazing cookbooks below for people who love to cook as much as me. I actually just order some myself, and I can’t wait to talk about it, but later of course. Well happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend. Always remember love, peace, and stay humble. #food #love #happy #tacos

This week Top 3 Tacos

  1. Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos

2.  Carne Asada Tacos

Carne asada.jpg

3. Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos.jpg

Now don’t these tacos look yummy! You’ll thank me later. Happy Friday!!!

P.S. My tacos kind of looked like the pictures above.

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