Fasting Anyone?


Wow coming back to writing feels so amazing. It almost feels like blogging and I belong together. It’s been a week since my last blog. I miss you guys! I had an awesome week and I am truly favored and bless. Last week God took me thru a transformation and it was truly a blessing. But anyways let me find my way back on topic. So, you guys know I started working out and dieting about two weeks ago. Well about a month ago my boyfriend published a book about intermittent fasting. He has been bugging me to write a review but of course that meant I had to read it. So, over the last month I’ve been taking my time reading his book. I wanted to write an honest review about the book even if the author is my boyfriend. The book is called Lose 30 Pounds Fast with Intermittent Fasting. When I started this journey to change my lifestyle with dieting and working out it was because of this book. Half way reading the book I wanted to try something new. So, I just finished the book and I must say it was really informative and inspiring. He talks about the simple lifestyle changes you could make to lose weight. Not a lot of people have time to go to the gym five times a week, or prepare a healthy meal for the next day. If you are one of those people who don’t have the time to go to gym often and want to lose weight, this is the book for you. It shows you an alternative way for dieting without giving up the foods you love. He gets straight to the point on what you need to do which I loved. The book motivates you to be the best you could be. So, for the past two weeks I have been doing intermittent fasting, and at first it was hard for me, but as I continued fasting it became much easier over time. The second week was much easier than the first. The second week I lost 6 pounds and even thou I can’t tell the scale can. It is a must-read book, I promise you won’t be upset. Who wouldn’t want to know the secret to intermittent fasting. Who wouldn’t want to know how they can change their lifestyles without making that many life changes. Grab a copy today and start today!!!#lifestyle #dieting #weight #stayfit #healthy #love

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