Game Night


Game Night.png

Hey my people’s hope everyone is doing well. The week is almost over thank God. Tomorrow is Friday and people are planning, trying to figure out what to do this weekend. Im going to spend the rest of my weekend gaming. Yes everybody I am a true gamer. Another fun fact about me. So if you ever want to send me a gift I love board games, I have an Xbox 360, and there are some really cool card games as well that I don’t have. So if your trying to figure out to turn a regular Friday into a FUN FRIDAY please continue reading. Get a couple friends together and rally up some board games, or card games. Or you could just make plans with your boo and play the xbox or whatever console you have. Board games with the boo is fun as well, especially when its challenging. I am going to share a couple of games I enjoy playing. Everybody should have a set of fun games at their house. Growing up my dad and I loved playing cards or different board games. Its just a must have!! Have anyone ever heard of Game Night?

Today’s Game Collection

  1. Life


2. Sequence


3. Madden 15- I know its not the new one but I got a deal at Game Stop


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