The Come Back Pack


Happy Monday America I am so excited to be writing today!!!! Yesterday was the return of Sunday football. As you all know by now I am a Green Bay Packers supppppeeerrrr fan, and if you didn’t, now you do. If you tuned into football yesterday you’ll probably know why I’m so excited for this blog. Yesterday night the Packers defeated the Chicago bears coming back from a 17-0 deficient. My Packers team showed true passion and determination yesterday to never give up and keep going! At the beginning of the game the Packers didn’t look good at all. First quarter defense and offensive were not playing their best, I don’t think they were playing at all. No points were put on the board for Green Bay during the first quarter. Second quarter quarterback Aaron Rodgers goes down from a knee injury. Hearts stop! Again, no points were put on the board for the Packers and with our starting quarterback out the game. After spending several minutes in the tent on the field, Aaron Rodgers was driven off the field back to the locker room going the wrong way. Fans were absolutely worried at this point. All we could do was pray for our quarterback. Nine minutes left into the third quarter here comes the #GOAT jogging back on the field. Fans went absolutely crazy and relief spread through Lambeau field. Packers were still down 20-0 at this time but that didn’t stop defensive nor offensive to keep going and keep playing the game. Rodgers came back on field with an injury and played great. Aaron Rodgers carried the team bringing them to victory with three touchdowns, 326 yards, with a 17 out 23 completion passes. The Packers defensive did an amazing job holding the Bears at 23 points. They definitely have room for improvement and I know they will be great. Geronimo Allison really step up getting the running game pumped up by completing two catches with one touchdown. Davante Adams played with so much fight in him and he also scored the first touchdown. Special thanks to Randall Cobb completing a 75-yard winning touchdown. 23-24 Green Bay. Job well done boys! #packers #rodgers #myboys #peace #love #them


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