One thing I’ve learned in the past year was in order to change who I was I had to change my thought process. To become smarter dealing with different situations in life. Just recently I’ve became better at doing just that. My job had become very stressful, but only because I was making it stressful. I spoke negative about the job and I dragged going in every day. But I’ve been praying and reading a lot. I prayed that God would change my thought process and to have more faith in him. Then I read a book called The Power of Positive Thinking and now I’m reading The Only Little Prayer You Need. Knowing that my God is the ruler over my life and believing it, changed my thought process and who I was. To know and believe that God is for me, gives me so much confident in everything that I do. So, I don’t worry about my job anymore because it’s just for a season in my life, and this too shall pass. I don’t worry about irrelevant things in my life because I’m a child of the king. I don’t let people get to me because they can’t stop me from being blessed. When negative things or people try to creep in my thoughts I just say a little prayer. And Amen won’t He do it!  When you start to believe in God you start to believe in You. #stay #blessed #love #peace #happiness #live #life

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