On Monday I had really bad anxiety. I know God has plans for my life, but sometimes I just want change NOW. I want God to answer all my prayers the way I would. Funny I know. I have all these dreams that I want to fulfill and its hard work. Sometimes I have really bad anxiety when things don’t go as I want them to go. When anxiety came over me this weekend I just prayed and worshiped the Lord. It’s amazing what a simple prayer can do for you in just seconds. Praying is just having a conversation with God. I go back and forth with God all the time. But after praying and dwelling in the house of the Lord, and seeking His answers paid off. When you seek His answer, you will get it. After my anxiety subsided, my boyfriend put on the movie Bruce Almighty. I know in my heart that movie was a message from God. I just remember having a connection with the character Bruce. Always remember God will never put you in a situation that you can’t handle. Everything happens for a reason. Enjoy and appreciate where you’re at in life, instead of worrying about where your trying to go. You will get there!!! Sometimes we may feel like we can’t but we can. Keep going and keep the Lord with you every step of the way. Prayer works all you have to do is believe. #prayer #believe #in #you #God #love



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