Birthday Gift Ideas Needed


My fathers birthday is coming up in two weeks and I am super excited. Another fun fact about me is that I am a daddy’s girl. So we are planning a trip to go to Vegas for my dad’s birthday. I want to get a few ideas from all of you. So I was planning to put together a birthday basket with a few of his favorite things in it. I also want to put other gifts in the basket that says to him, you’re the best father in the world. So, I need your help everybody, I have about two weeks to prepare my dad’s birthday basket. If you could take a minute or two and jot down great birthday gift ideas for fathers, that would be great. Thank you all for your time in advance and have a blessed day. #birthday #daddy #love #gifts #blessed


2 thoughts on “Birthday Gift Ideas Needed

  1. An idea might to be include a new condiment in the basket. For example, if he really liked roast beef, find an unusual horseradish sauce. Or, if he likes mustard on his sandwiches, find an exotic new mustard.

    I bet your father will be so pleased with his gift. Have fun in Vegas!

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