Old T.V. Shows to Binge Watch

Have you ever just wanted to do nothing for a day. Seriously, how nice would it be to call off from work, lay in the bed all day, and watch television without any interruptions. Get your favorite snacks and grab the remote. I think everybody who works hard deserves to do this at least three times a month. And you must do it on a work day, and not an off day. It’s much more fun that way trust me. You also have to have the right shows to watch. My preference is binge watching old television show. I decided to bless you with a few of my favorites.

#1. Cold Case

This television show is one of the best ever made. Its about a Philadelphia detective who is assigned to old cases that has never been solved. Detective Lilly Rush and her awesome quad using their intelligence and old witnesses, if any, to solve cold cases.  What else can I say besides the show is awesome!!! I watch this show on the firestick.

#2. Twisted

Even thou this show was very short lived, it was still exciting to watch. A young boy named Danny Desai is charged for murder at a very young age, and spends the next five years in juvenile detention. Now he is back in the same town that will never let him forget what he did. But the real question is did he really commit murder years ago? I watched this show on Netflix. But you could also watch Twisted on the firestick.

#3. Dawson’s Creek

This was one of my favorite shows growing up. It’s a drama series about a young boy name Dawson Leery, who wants to be a filmmaker, and the love he has for the girl that lives across the creek who happens to be his best friend. Dawson tries to spark that romance between them, but life happens. The question is will Dawson get the girl? You could watch this show on amazon prime, Hulu, and even the firestick. 

#4 Felicity

Another one of my favorite shows growing up. Also a drama series about a young woman name Felicity Porter who takes on the big apple. Felicity graduates from high school and follows this guy to college and learn that there is more to life than just him. You can watch Felicity on Hulu, and amazon as well. And of course you can watch anything on the firestick. You could also catch the first season below on amazon.

#5 Smart Guy

So I definitely saved the best for last. This show is about a super smart 10 year old boy who is very ahead of his time. This show is simply amazing and full of laughs. You could watch this show only on the firestick at this time.

Well that’s it and thank you for stopping by. This is my top 5 binge for today and I will be bringing you more shows to binge on another time. Thank you for reading. #love #fun #television #shows #stayblessed

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