Living Positive

Radiate and surround yourself with positive vibes!!!

For let him who wants to enjoy life and see good days(good—whether apparent or not) Keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from guile (treachery, deceit).

                                                                                                         1Peter 3:10

                In the book Enjoy Your Journey by Joyce Meyer she states that the above scripture says“ that if we want to enjoy our lives, which is possible even if there is no apparent reason to enjoy them, then we must keep our tongues free from evil”. When I was reading this book this morning, I thought about the week I’ve had. I realized that people in our lives could cause us to come out of character. For example, when someone is continuing to tear you down, or disrespect you, it can cause you to say some mean things to them in return. It will cause you to have an evil tongue. So, now your upset, and your tongue is full of evilness, and there is nothing joyful about that. You don’t need people in your life you who brings nothing but negativity, problems, and chaos to you. I try my best every day to live a joyful, and drama free life. I try even harder to bring joy to other’s as well. I decided yesterday I don’t want people in my life who has continuously caused me pain, but more so having people in my life who is not happy with themselves. I will no longer let miserable people find comfort in my happiness. You may have to read that over and over again until it sinks in.

          If you’re the person who is not very happy with your life, I want to inspire you today, whatever it is “this too shall pass”. You are stronger than you think, and it’s always good to start your pain with prayer. For the person who is trying to have a peaceful life, don’t take any more negativity from anybody. If that means shutting the door on a love one so be it. Surround yourself with positive people and always put God first.  Live your best life I know I will. Thanks for coming back and have a blessed day!!! #blessed #joy #loveyourself #nonegativity #positivity

3 thoughts on “Living Positive

  1. The words you used in the last paragraph are so simple (deep). These are the basics if we really want to inspire the others. The other half is his own perspective to whom we’re inspiring. Snap it or lose it. It’s upto the people…..🙂
    Thanks for sharing this..❤

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