What’s Been Going On Boo!

Hello everybody, hope all is WELL. Its been forever since I’ve written anything. I’m so sorry for the long absents, I had a very busy January, BUT there is no excuse for my absent really. Let me just jump right into the conversation. I had an amazing new year for what I can remember LOL. For my birthday, my amazing boyfriend booked me a cruise for a week. We went sailing around Catalina and Mexico. This was my first cruise and I must say, it was AMAZING!! I also went to the Tyler Perry farewell play a couple of weeks ago, which was full of laughter and grace.  I’m also working on an online store that is taking lots of dedication and time, but to God be the Glory for success and the people who are riding this journey with me. Last month was amazing for me, regardless of the things that is happening around me. I hope your January was as excited as mines was! I care for all of you, have a great night, and a blessed tomorrow. Oh I promise I wont go that long before writing my next blog. Stay tuned, uplifted and inspired, life is too short my loves!!! #GODFIRST #PRAYNOW #LOVEBIG

I have some pictures to share with you from January as well. I have millions of pictures but I’m only sharing a few.

Tyler Perry Play
Great Performance by Cast.

Let the vacation begin!!!

Pictures from the top of Catalina
The Food was free! Or should I say included!!!
Happy Birthday to Me!! This cake was delicious! Thanks babe.
First night at sea. So beautiful!!
Catalina Island.
The water in Catalina is so pretty!!
The view from my room to Catalina Island!!!
Welcome to Mexico!!!
Hey Boo!
Margarita Anyone???
Good-Bye Mexico!

4 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On Boo!

  1. Your Boyfriend is so sweet for that. The trip looked like lots of fun! You were in Mexico so cool!! But I really like what you said “God be the glory for success” I’ll take that with me, thanks!


  2. Your new year does sound amazing and off to a great start! I have not been writing on my blog too much either, a lot on my platter at the moment, and upcoming deadline’s to obtain soon.


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