Jackie Robinson Day

Well tonight I went to the Dodger’s game. I became a dodgers fan August of 2018. when I first went to a Dodgers game. The next day I watch the movie 42, which is based on the legend Jackie Robinson. After that movie I completely fell in love with the Dodgers. Today April 15,2019 was Jackie Robinson day and everybody who attended the game received a Jackie Robinson jersey. Jackie Robinson would have been 100 yrs. old today.  I was such in great spirits being at this game celebrating him. To have his jersey was even more exciting. Jackie never gave up, and fought for what he believed in, and what he loved to do (play baseball). He left such a great impact on the world and inspired many people. He also opened the door’s for African American’s to play in the baseball league.

So never give up on you! I also want to tell you another inspiring moment at the game tonight. Have you ever been to a baseball game?  Well if you have you know what it takes to start a wave. If you haven’t been to game, let me tell you it’s hard to start a wave. You have to get everyone involved, and the wave must go throughout the entire stadium. Trust me it takes a lot of work and dedication. Well this young man was running up and down the bleachers for about 45 minutes to get a wave started at tonight’s game. Every time he would run thru the crowd he was unsuccessful in starting a wave. I started feeling bad for him so I tried to participate to help him out. Again no one would participate. He never gave up thou. So I’m like okay everybody, he is coming back again lets help him out. So finally he started the wave again, not only was he successful but the wave went around the stadium twice. I just remember thinking he never gave up. By him never giving up he accomplish what he wanted to do. Also you may need to lift someone up when needed. Be humble and help others, so others could help you. The moral to the story is to never give up on you. No matter how many times you have to fail eventually you will succeed. #stayhumble #believeinyou #putGodfirst #love #peace #motivation #inspiration #HappyBirthdayJackie

1 Corinthians 9:24

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