Nipsey Hussle

March 31, 2019 Nipsey Hussle was tragically gunned downed and murdered. I didn’t really listen to his music, but I did like some of his songs. Nipsey inspired me in a different way because he wasn’t only a rapper. He was a entrepreneur and a community activist. He was making a difference in his community and in the youth. I’ve been having a hard time understanding his death, but I thought I would share one of his quotes today. At the funeral his longtime girlfriend Lauren London spoke about him as a person and the things he would say. One of the things she said specifically stood out to me the most.

-The game is going to test you. Never fold, stay ten toes down. Its not on you, its in you. And whats in you they cant take away.

Nipsey Hussle

Very powerful quote, it may take you while to understand this message, but just think about. Try to connect it with your own experience and struggles. Remember #stayhumble #beblessed #pray #love #peace


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  1. Very sad he was shot down. Wasn’t very into his music either but that quote is great!! “it’s not on you, it’s in you..” Great stuff girl!

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