Listening To Music

I love music especially when I need a pick me up. I believe the best music to listen to when you just need some inspiration and words of encouragement is : Gospel, 90’s R&B, country, or some good soul music. Well right now I’m listening to Gospel with the windows open listening to the cars drive by. I just want to thank God today. I am a child of a KING!  I was just listening to God Favored Me by Hezekiah Walker. I thought I would share some of his lyrics to encourage some else out there. I hope these words make someone smile, because they are making me smile. #stayhumble #childoftheKING #peace #wisdom #strength #headphones

Love is patient, caring, love is kind
Love is felt most when it’s genuine
But I’ve had my share of love abused
Manipulated and it’s strength misused
And I can’t help but give you glory
When I think about my story
And I know you favored me
Because my enemies did try
But couldn’t triumph over me
Yes they did try
But couldn’t triumph over me

They whispered, conspired, they told their lies (God favors me)
My character, my integrity, my faith in God (He favors me)
Will not fall, will not bend, won’t compromise (God favors me)
I speak life and prosperity and I speak health (God favors me)

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