Cold World

I’ve watch a hand full of crazy shows that show me just how mean and evil people could be. But to have it at your own front door is crazy. Never in my life I’ve  been the type of person to do, or say anything to someone coming from a bad place. If I love you, it hurts me to see you hurt. I’ve always tried to treat people with kindness and respect. I try to handle situations that’s not going to affect other’s emotions. I go though a lot of things in my life just as many others, but I will never be so manipulative and calculated to tear someone else down or destroy their happiness. People are really mean out in this cold world. Don’t tell a person you love them so much, then stand by and watch them HURT! I understand everyone is not like me, but do you have to be so mean. You can’t win if your not right within. Bringing hurt to someone else will not bring you a lifetime of joy. Please pray for me as I pray for others. I pray for others even if they are bringing tears to my eyes, because that’s just the type of person I am. It’s easy, treat people the way you want to be treated. #beblessed #love #respect #PUTGODFIRST #behumble #thankyou #pray #laugh

5 thoughts on “Cold World

  1. Wow it sounds like someone has hurt you. Dont let then bring you down. Your beautiful and smart. They will never go far in life treating people like that. Like you said your a child of the KING. It will come back to them 10X fold. Remember that stay strong QUEEN!!

  2. Heyyy, what is this post aa? What happened? Listen, you are beautiful, you are good person, you have wonderful soul, be you, stay kind, some people em if you can even call them by this word, acting worst, that the most dangerous animals, dont let them to effect you, i never do, last think in the world what could effect me or hurt me is other people words or actions :), you have your own path and dont let anyone to step in front and to close your way, i may borrow you a hummer if you want? to make sure, that no one will dare to step in😁

    1. Thank you! This last week I saw evil up close and personal. Someone who was miserable wanted others to miserable with her. But I refuse.

  3. Lack of sensitivity or just pure evil is hard to understand for people who naturally care and are positive in their nature. These obstacles are inevitable and do not have to change our way of feeling and behaving towards others. Just be proud of what you are and keep being coherent with your good soul. In the end this always wins.

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