My Cookbook Challenge

Hello everyone I hope all is well. I’ve been wanting to start a cookbook challenge inspired by the movie Julie & Julia. And guess what, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. My whole life I’ve loved to cook. I watch so many cooking shows on a daily. I remember as a child experiencing in the kitchen trying different recipes. To me cooking is art work, and I’m ready to be creative, and get my hands dirty. I will be using an air fryer for all recipes, how freaking exciting is that. I will be cooking 116 recipes in 150 days. I will be getting the recipes from an air fryer cookbook. I’m not the best cook, but I’m not the worst as well. Some of the recipes will be simple, and some may be difficult. I’m excited about the difficult recipes, because if it’s not difficult it’s not fun. Wish me luck and I hope you all enjoy this challenge. I’m praying I complete this challenge, wish me BIG luck lol. #cooking #challenge #food #cookbook #healthy

12 thoughts on “My Cookbook Challenge

  1. I know I’m late to this post but if you’re still working on this challenge, I hope it’s going well! I’ve been wanting to buy an airfryer!

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