Beef & Beer Sliders

Tonight’s recipe was beef and beer sliders. Sounds yummy I know they were. I added all necessary seasonings to the meat. Made a nice sauce to dressing the burger rolls. I also cut up some lettuce and tomatoes. Instead of using buns, I used dinner rolls. Oh and don’t forget the extra sharp cheese. I almost forgot to mention a little taste of beer as well. Put all that together for a tasty juicy slider. I think the most important ingredients for tonight’s meal was the dry seasonings. You want your meat to have some flavor. For the side I cooked some fries. Now don’t forget the meat and fries were cooked in the air fryer. This air fryer is turning out to be really easy to use. If you’re wondering where I’m getting my recipe’s from click here. I’m really enjoying this challenge and cooking, it brings a smile to my soul. Have a blessed night. #beyou #lovefood #food #cooking #challenge #blessed

So these were my sliders. Yummy!!!

These is what it looked like in the book. Yummy as well.

Lastly I want to thank you all for the support and love. For everyone who came to visit my page and actually liked it. I remember I wasn’t getting any likes. I’m more than beyond happy about this. Even though its only 1000 I’m so humbly honored. I’m going to continue to keep bringing laughs and inspiration to you. Again have a blessed night.

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      1. Can’t wait to see everything else you make in that air-fryer!! By the end of your challenge, I’ll probably have one in my kitchen LOL.

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