The Challenge Continues

OMG, I’ve had such a looooonnnnngggggg day. Just a little update with my dad, he has had three surgeries in the last month with his leg amputation. He also has a procedure tomorrow on the same leg. I’m praying it will be the last thing they have to do. I have such a huge loving supportive family. We’ve all gathered around to help him anyway we can. It’s a challenge sometimes, but God is good. Continue to keep him in prayer as well as my family. Through all this, of course I have to keep up with my food challenge. So, I’m super busy most of the day which I don’t mind. The challenge must continue or in Nipsey style the marathon continues. Tonight I made two recipes from the air-fryer cookbook. 

First recipe was jelly-filled biscuit doughnut balls. This recipe was quite easy. I took five biscuits and cut them in half. I then rolled the dough into balls and made a total of ten doughnut balls. I always make sure I pre-heated the air-fryer according to the directions. Once it got hot I placed the doughnut balls into the air-fryer, and let them cook for about 10 minutes on each side. I dipped each doughnut in sugar. Finally I poked a hole into each ball, and stuffed it with strawberry preserves. They were yummy, like having a strawberry biscuit. I don’t do a lot of carbs so I make my family try everything. My family has been amazing sampling everything. They are super honest so I’m glad its been good. (Lol)

SO, this is how it looks in the book!

And, this is my version.

My final recipe was Blackened Catfish and tartar sauce. This was a little difficult, but not too much. This was my first time cooking fish in an air-fryer, and I wasn’t to sure how it was going to turn out. I thought mines should have turned out a little darker than it did, but it was good. I seasoned the fish with Cajun season and top it with lemon juice. I also used cooking spray to spray the fish on each side before placing it in the air-fryer.  I thought it was tasty and juicy. Don’t nobody like dry food. It just didn’t look blackened to me. For the sides I cooked spinach and pilaf rice. Now the sides were my own recipe. And that’ all folks. Hoped you enjoyed and have a blessed night.

This is how it looks in the book!

And my fabulous version!

Doesn’t look blackened, but it was yummy!
I also made the tarter sauce. I used lemon juice, sweet relish, and mayonnaise.

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