Just A Reminder

           So for the last couple of weeks, I had to do some major soul searching. We has people of course may want to plan out the perfect life for ourselves. We forget that its not our plan, but its according to His plan. Over the years my relationship with God has grown so much. As I continue to grow closer to him, I began to grow closer to myself, and the great things he has planned for my life. Its bigger than I could ever imagine. Continue to become closer to Him to understand your purpose in life. Do something that cleanses your soul. Do things that is going to clear your mind. Seek him with a clear mind. Sometimes being by yourself helps. A couple of days ago I ordered some sage, just been trying to cleanse my surroundings, and my inner self of negative energy. I also been stuck on my Pastor’s sermon from last Sunday, which was an answer I’ve been seeking from Him. I listen to it every day. I also began listening to reggae music crazy I know. Oh and I have this app on my phone that helps me meditate. Don’t forget you could always talk to God. Find something that cleanses your soul on a daily because it’s crazy out there. #blessed #inspired #God #love

My new sage burner:

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  1. Indeed.. relationship with God always gives that serene secure feeling of blissful existence.. even I’m someone whose really close to God and it’s probably best thing in my life

  2. Cleansing your mind and soul is always a good way to become better! I am a new blogger and will check out your content and follow. I hope you can do the same.

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