Dating Again? Too Soon?

I had a good time : )

I have a question for all of you lovely wise people. I need help ASAP. How soon is too soon to start dating after a breakup? Should we be over the ex so quick? What if were not sure if we’re over our ex? Do we actually need time to heal after a breakup? What if we are not the one looking. What if some handsome man or gorgeous woman just happens to approach you? Should you say no because you just ended a relationship? What if the ex turned out to be mean? What if I’ve been trying to better myself should I continue without dating right now? What if he fine thou? LOL !! Is it okay to maybe just have drinks every once in a while? Please any advice will be heard. Thanks in advance. Have a fabulous weekend see ya soon. Don’t forget to comment. #relationships #toosoon #love #healing #dating

6 thoughts on “Dating Again? Too Soon?

  1. That depends on the last relationship and the feelings it carried. If you start dating again just to fill a void then you’re going out for the wrong reasons. If the person is “fine”, you’re going out for the wrong reasons😉. If you’re just going out on a date just to go out, then that’s fine but if you are not searching for a relationship then what’s the harm in friends. But I believe everyone needs time to heal after a breakup if the relationship meant something and it was significant. If you can get back into the dating scene after a breakup quickly, then either the relationship wasn’t going anywhere or someone wants to make someone jealous😏. No one should sit and sulk but recovery shouldn’t take a few hours either😁

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