Cinnamon Sugar Twist

Happy Monight, get it LOL. Like Monday and nighttime put together. I thought it was cute. Anyways, how was your weekend? Mines was pretty cool for the most part. Let’s see, Anthony Joshua was a major upset and got knocked out I believe four times. I was a little down by that, but it’s okay he still got one knockout! Lol. Honestly, I say everybody gets knocked down in life at some point, so he needs to get up and keep going. The Golden State Warriors won game 2; Which tied the series 1-1. So my weekend ended with a smile on my face. I also did a little cooking over the weekend. The next recipe was cinnamon-sugar twists. Now this recipe was very easy. Only three ingredients: crescent rolls, coarse sugar, and ground cinnamon. I pre-heated the air-fryer to 360 and sprayed it with cooking oil. Next I unrolled the dough onto work surface. Cut them crosswise into 1 inch strips to form thin lines. Then folded the lines in half to make the lines thicker, and twisted the halves together. Once all lines were twisted I placed them into the air-fryer and cooked them for about 15 minutes. After I took the twist out the air-fryer I sprayed them with cooking oil. Finally I mixed the sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl, and dipped the twist into the mixture.  Now good to go! Enjoy!! If you enjoyed this reading hit the follow button. And if your just joining the challenge click here to see where my recipes are coming from. #food #love #peace #challenge #cinnamon #sugar #twist

Tip: You could also dip the twist into the mixture before cooking them in the air-fryer, and they are just as good, if not better. Your welcome.

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