Why Do Men Cause Women Pain?

So yesterday while sipping on my pineapple margarita w/ wings drink, I was thinking about people and their thought process. Or should I say I was thinking about men thought process. How easy they could knowingly cause pain on woman but say they loved them a day ago. He will do something to you knowing that it will hurt you. He will show no empathy until he realized what he lost. If I accidentally bumped into someone riding a bike and they fall on their face, I’m going to feel bad, and apologize. For one obviously I know their hurt. And I don’t even know them. So why men don’t get that same reaction when they know they are hurting a person they say they love? Is it because they never loved them or is it deeper than that? Grab and drink and lets start the conversation.

Note: I don’t believe all man are like this.

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10 thoughts on “Why Do Men Cause Women Pain?

  1. WoW!!! Great CONVO post!! Man it could be so many reasons as to why “some” men hurt women without showing any type of remorse or empathy. I think most of the time it has to do with that man’s upbringing you know, if he’s been raised by people who show empathy, compassion, respect, love, etc. Or sometimes the man could have been raised by the most compassionate woman on the planet but yet he may treat women like they are at disposables. Hurting them without a care in the world. Then on the other hand, some men may cause hurt and truly feel sorry in the end for causing that pain upon that woman but by then it’s usually too late, the woman has left. Another perspective we can explore is, he can be a narcissistic man who may really internally hate HIMSELF but projects it by hurting others particularly the women he dates. It baffles me when they have caused so much hurt and pain, but yet, they have this DUMB BEWILDERED (lol) look on their face like they did nothing wrong OR they don’t know why you have reacted they way you have (angry, sad, left the relationship, etc) . Like you mentioned, not ALL men are like this but there are sure a handful out there messing up… lol And lets give credit to the ones who have caused so much pain and hurt to the women they love but decided to turn that negative behavior/action into POSITIVE, loving, caring, empathetic, respectful behavior.

    Who knows the reasons behind it al,l we just have to continue to pray for people like that and pray for ourselves as well. Pray for strength to get through the hurt, betrayal and pain.

    Wonderful conversation post Miss Lady… while I sip my glass of Red Moscato wine 🙂 Looking forward to more!!

  2. My wife is a psychotherapist, and she says there are multiple reasons, starting with upbringing, so modelled behaviour, and personality type plays a role, but also behavioural type -whether they tend towards socio or psychopath tendencies. But beyond that, some men are just self absorbed in my view. That they only behave in ways that benefit them. Great topic.

  3. I think modern men and women spend too much time trying to look good or copy what they see online instead of communicating with each other. Talking and listening are important tools when it comes to relationships, and not just with our loved ones but with the people we interact with every day. It’s amazing how a kind word and a smile can bring a positive response. 🙂

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