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When is the best time to get advice from a friend about your relationship. I honestly think the only time you should reach out to your friend for advice about your relationship is when the relationship is absolutely unhealthy. Like he is a complete jerk, cheater, mentally abusive, or physically abusive. I think anything else should be able to be worked out with communication between the couple. Not an argument but good communication. Listening to each other and knowing everybody doesn’t think like you. What do you guys think? When should you get advice from a friend about your relationship? Should you ever get advice from anybody about your relationship. Also should you ever take advice about your relationship from a friend that’s single?


Fresh Limes


Lemon Juice

Fresh Mint

Cucumber lime mint juice

Very easy to make and so refreshing. Enjoy! #drink #cocktail #conversation #advice #love #relationship #sip #talk #understanding #communication

4 thoughts on “Cocktails & Conversation

  1. I don’t think there’s any harm in getting advice from friends about your relationship unless that friend isn’t giving logical, sound advice. From personal experience, I think sometimes advice from friends, especially single friends, can cloud your judgment about your OWN relationship. I’ve learned that it takes those two in the relationship to work on fixing what’s wrong. The healing has to come within, both parties in the relationship have to be willing to work on themselves independently as well as work together, maybe with professional counseling, to repair the relationship. Now on the other hand taking advice from a single friend can be beneficial if lets say that single friend was a therapist, psychologist, then maybe yes like I mentioned before that would be logical, sound advice. Someone who can examine BOTH sides of what went wrong in the relationship and shed some light for the both of you that you may not have seen before.

    That’s just my opinion. I’m no professional, just someone who has been through some stuff, honey (while I sip my wine… 😉

    Great post and drink by the way!!!

  2. Nah, I wouldn’t take relationship advice from anyone. No one knows what it’s truly like between you two.

    The cocktail looks so yummy!

    1. Yes I agree and plus some people have their own hidden agenda that we are unaware of. That’s not always good for you and your relationship.

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