Your Baby Daddy or You?

My cocktail for tonight: Orange you mine

Really easy all you need is:

2 shots on tequila

1 orange

pineapple coconut orange juice


So the other day I was thinking about a conversation my friend and I had about women who have babies by deadbeat daddy’s. Usually when I hear stories about the father of a woman’s child, it’s not good. Not saying every man is a bad father. But seeing from experience it seems like these men weren’t good men from the beginning. They were still boys as a matter of fact. So should woman be the blamed for having a baby by a man who already shows signs of being a boy himself? For example someone you know is dating a guy and he continuously treats her bad, she thinks he still loves her. He breaks up with her for no reason multiple times, and she forgives him. He tries to control her, but does what he wants, and she lets him. He has unappropriated conversation with other women on social media. He already has kids he doesn’t take care of, but you look past that. He might have multiple baby mamma’s that he don’t get along with, but he tells you It’s the woman fault, and you believe him. He may also have a baby mamma that he is still messing with on the low-low. I mean there are so many red flags. But yet, you look past everything and have unprotected intercourse with him knowing this could be the father of your child. I know everybody has a choice to choose to be a good person or not. But I also believe that a woman should know that when they are sleeping with a man unprotected, you could come up pregnant with his baby. A woman should never have a baby to change a man or keep a man. Know your worth and your future child’s worth. To answer the question from the beginning of this paragraph. A woman should never be blamed for a man’s behavior and a women should always put herself first. #women #strong #courage #love #strength #admiration #graceful #peace #relationships #babies #redflags #peace #choices #reasons #somany

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  1. In my opinion some women aren’t attracted to good guys, they like guys that they wouldn’t normally introduce to their parents, it’s just something in the mind perhaps. The hopes of changing them but some guys are born losers and it’s sad they don’t know how to treat a woman. But women have to also realize, just like the good guys they turn down, that they are all better than that. That’s where cocktails come in, it relaxes the mind.😉

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