Baked Potato

Last night I had a craving from some left over beef ribs, and why not have a baked potato to go with it. Bet you didn’t know you could cook a baked potato in an air-fryer. Well you can and the good thing about cooking a baked potato in an air-fryer is, it doesn’t take too long. If anybody has cooked a baked potato before, knows its very easy to make. All you need is a potato of course (lol), butter, and seasoning (season salt, garlic, and black pepper). Now I did follow the recipe in the book, but I also added some more of my flavor to the potato at the end.  I will let you guys in on a secret, the butter I used was fresh churned garlic butter with Parmesan and basil. So of course if you want the full recipe you could order the book from here. Enjoy!! #food #baked #potato #butter #cheese #good #cooking

Book potato:

My potato:

Parmesan cheese was optional.

Once I finished my potato, and took my picture of the book like potato, I added the extra flavor I was talking about. It looks GOOD, I know.

Genesis 12:2

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