I’m Just Saying

I always tell people life is like the roads we drive on. Every time we get in the car there’s a destination were trying to reach. There may be one destination or many destinations, but we know where we’re trying to go. You may make it to the destination with little problems. You may have a short delay, there is an accident and it causing a backup. But if you keep going forward you will get there. You may have a detour, and have to take another route, but if you keep going you will get there. You may have a long delay. You may be in an accident yourself, and now your car is wrecked, and you have to completely go back and start all over. You have to find a way to get back on the right path again, and keep moving forward. But again, if you keep moving forward you will get there. We wake up every morning with a destination on where we’re trying to get in life. You may be at a dead stop or a short delay, trying to figure out if you should keep going, stop, and turn back around. Well check this out, if you keep going eventually you will get to your destination. So I’m here to remind you to keep going. You may need to remind me one day. Thank you in advance!!!! #keepgoing #blessed #loves #motivation #inspiration #strength #fight #Godfirst #havefaith #life #paths

James 1:19-20


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