Piggies in a Basket!

Today for a little appetizer I made piggies in a basket. I don’t know who came up with this delicious food, but its amazing. My dad appetite hasn’t been good since his leg amputation, and stroke, but after he ate one of these little piggies he didn’t stop. He ate every piggy on his plate. Sometimes it’s hard to get him to finish his food, but he enjoyed every little piggy. It wasn’t one piggy left on his plate. He even said “ I think I’m getting my taste buds back”. So Awesome. They were cooked perfect in the air-fryer. The ingredients were very simple. All you need is crescent rolls, and cocktail franks. Put them together, and you have piggies in a basket. Crazy, all this time I thought they were called pigs in a blanket. Anyways hoped you enjoyed! Also if you want more details on the recipe click here to order the book. #piggies #basket #food #challenge #cravings #enjoy #recipe #yummy #cooking #airfryer

Book Piggies
My Piggies

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