Cadillac Margaritas and Needed Conversation!

I’m sure we’ll need a cocktail for this topic. I’m sure you have all heard about the three mass shootings that happened last week in good ol’ America. The feeling I get when I hear news like this is complete sadness. I just want to say mental illness is real, depression is real, suicidal thoughts are real, snapped is real, feeling alone is real. Be kind to everyone because you never know what someone is going through. You never know when a person is close to a mental breakdown. Stick up for people who can’t stick up for themselves. Stand up for what’s right! Teach your children to be kind to others. If you see someone down, ask them “how is your day going?”. You never know how much it means to someone when ask them “how are you doing today?”. You may stop them from committing suicide, or worst taking innocent people with them. These mass shootings/killings are becoming very sad and we as people need to start somewhere, and that’s with ourselves. The shootings took place in Ohio, Texas, and California. There were a total of 34 people killed between all shootings. There were also 67 injured. We have to stand up for something, or we’ll fall for anything. Try not to be so judgmental. Love eachother, and be humble. #Love #BeHumble #LoveEachother #peace

Cocktails for today: Pineapple and Classic Cadillac Margarita

Pineapple Cadillac Margarita

Silver Tequila

Triple Sec

Lime Juice

Grand Marnier

Pineapple Juice

Classic Cadillac Margarita

Silver Tequila

Triple Sec

Lime Juice

Grand Marnier

Sweet & Sour Margarita Mix

Matthew 7:18-20

3 thoughts on “Cadillac Margaritas and Needed Conversation!

  1. Mental illness and video games do not cause these shootings. Indeed those with mental illness are a much greater danger to themselves than others. Around the world can be found mental illness in even greater abundance and more video gaming per capita than here in the US. Hmm. Maybe we need to look at hateful ideology and easy access to military grade weapons and ammunition. Indeed, we will all need a drink.

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    1. Yeah I don’t think videos game cause these shootings as well. But for somebody to go out and murder innocent people something has to be wrong with them mentally and it’s not easy access to a gun. I agree with looking into hateful ideologies as well. It’s just sad!! Something needs to be done. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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