Desert to Make in Air-Fryer!

Are you looking for a snack tonight that’s easy to cook and great to eat? Well you’ve come to right place. I made elephant ears in my amazing air-fryer. I know your asking yourself what are elephant ears. Well, I don’t know I just followed the recipe lol. All I know it’s a delicious pastry. The only ingredients that’s needed are butter, chocolate, sugar, and pastries. I took one sheet of pastries, brushed it with butter, then sprinkled with sugar. Rolled the pastries up on each side until meet in the middle. Lastly I cut them into elephant ears. Placed them into the fryer for about 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown. After they were done I dipped some of them into my melted chocolate. Enjoy! Again if you want the recipe in full detail you could purchase the book here. Hope you enjoyed this sweet simple delicious post. Have a blessed night! #stayblessed #pastries #desert #cooking #chocolate #butter #sugar

Book Elephant Ears

Sorry I couldn’t rotate the book picture lol. Hopefully you all get the picture.

The Process

I was making a yellow cake at the same time!
I probably should have put this picture first lol!

My Elephant Ears


2 Corinthians 12:9-10

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