Movies to Watch Around Halloween!

I remember as a young child watching movies was something that bought joy to me. I wasn’t the kid that wanted to go outside and play. I was the kid that wanted to watch great movies, eat popcorn, and tried to picture myself playing a part in almost every movie I watched (lol). When my boyfriend and I have movie night, one of us will pick a movie that we think the other person hasn’t saw ( which is not many). So he will pick a movie and I would always say “that’s my favorite movie”.  It’s funny because now he just tells me, every movie is your favorite movie, and he may be right. Every time we find an old movie to watch it reminds me of how Hollywood doesn’t make great children movies like they used to. So, I love it when I can watch family and children’s movie from the 80s or 90s. It takes me back to feeling like that joyful child for at least an hour and a half. Its getting closer to Halloween, and you know what that means scary movies. Here are some great movies to watch around this time.

  1. Hocus Pocus

A Halloween classic. It’s entertaining and funny. You got three witches who tries takes the soul of young kids to stay young. Max and his family moves to Salem, Massachusetts. On Halloween night Max convinces his new crush and little sister to go to the Sanderson sister’s haunted house. Max doesn’t believe the hype of the three witches and accidentally brings them back. Max, his crush, and little sister  take on an hilarious journey to send them back to hell.

  • Jurassic Park

Two paleontologist are invited to an upcoming theme park full of dinosaurs produced from ancient DNA. They’ve come to embark on the most incredible journey of their life, or so they think. Welcome to Jurassic Park.


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