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Deviant Love Review- Netflix

My Thoughts:

Deviant Love is a movie that you would want to watch with a crazy/good friend, while sipping on some wine. Trust me, you will enjoy it so much better that way. Have you ever laughed at a movie that’s supposed to be a thriller. I’m a fan of thriller movies, so I expect to be on the edge of my chair waiting for that big BOOM, that big Oh My God moment. What do you expect out of thriller movies? Well, you may get that “Oh My God” reaction with this movie, but when I got it, I laughed so hard. So if your into thriller movies I would recommend this because your going to get that haha moment, literally. My thoughts after the movie was over: what the heck (laughing at the same time). Enjoy.


Jamie (Emma Bell) runs off to her parents house to escape her marriage after finding out that her husband is cheating her with his assistant. Having a lot on her mind and feeling betrayed, leaves her feeling vulnerable. She meets Whit (Nick Ballard) and falls for his cute face and charming ways. He seems to be the perfect man, but is he too perfect? netflix #movies #laughs #thriller #review

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