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I read a post yesterday on Instagram so I took a screenshot because I wanted to share it with you all. This message really spoke to me, but before I do, I want to say a few words. Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m very excited, my family is coming to my house for the holiday (YAY ME). I’m so thankful for so many things this year. I’m thankful for God, for my dad, for my family, for my boyfriend, and my good friends I’ve made in life and with you all. I’m happy with the life God has blessed me with and I’m so excited to see what else he has planned for ME. Life is too short to live a lie, or living life trying to be something that your not, or want the life someone else has. Live in your own truth and know that who you are amazing. Be good to yourself because you deserve it. When you see yourself as a blessing, then others will see you the same way. I know its hard to live in this world trying to be perfect, but love your imperfections because that’s what makes you unique. I love you all, have an amazing week, and a blessed thanksgiving. One more thing I must say before I go, you are amazing just the way you are. #thanksgiving #inspiration #live #life


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