Cocktails and Conversation is back and I have a very interesting conversation, but first cocktails. So today we are having my famous Apple Sweet Kisses cocktails.


I shot of crown royal apple

1 shot of cranberry juice

1 shot of sprite

¾ oz of apple liquor

Pour all ingredients on top of some ice, then shake it fast in your Boston Shaker. Finally pour it in your favorite glass!!

You could add apples for decoration if you like with a little fruit seasoning.

Now to the conversation:

Is it okay to forgive an ex-boyfriend over and over for hurting you, but not forgive you dad for not being the best dad he could have been or hurting you as well? What does that say about a woman? Does it hurt deeper because its your dad? Or vise versa, is it okay to forgive a women that has hurt you, but not forgive your mom for not being the best mom she could have been? What does that say about a man? I know many situations like this, and I don’t think it’s right. I know a girl who went back to an ex who had her on the verge of suicide. Now, she tried to make it work after he broke her heart many times. To make a long story short, she was blessed with a baby by him, and unfortunately they wasn’t able to make it work together. Years later she ended up marrying the man of her dreams, but didn’t allow her dad to walk her down the aisle. Now from my understanding she didn’t have a great relationship with her dad but at that time they were at least cordial around each other. Also her dad has tried to get them on better terms. Its not like he wasn’t apart of her life growing up. So i just don’t understand, maybe it’s not my position to try to understand. I don’t know, I’m always open for forgiveness if your genuine and willing to have a conversation about whatever happened. I just don’t understand people sometimes. Live your life in truth and love. Share your thoughts! #family #peace #forgiveness #mom #dad #boyfriend

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