Best Pizza in Las Vegas #1: New York v. New York

Last Friday my babe and I ordered pizza from a place called New York Pizza and Pasta. The pizza was absolutely amazing. When you think of New York pizza, you think greasy, cheesy, and thin crust. This pizza checked everything off the list. My boyfriend and I ate the entire pizza that night, with him eating most of it of course lol. We both loved everything and we would definitely order again.

New York Pizza & Pasta

Now there are five things I look for in a good pizza:

Presentation: As you can see, it looks very yummy and cheesy! The cuts are nice and big. Thin crust and everything. Not too burned at all. Just right. They were suppose to do half pepperoni and half cheese, but as you can see the order taker got it wrong. Lucky for them it looked to good to complain.

Dough: Thin crust and not too mushy. Crispy but with a fluffy taste. It was the crust that wasn’t left behind. After I ate the pizza, I finished the crust.

New York Pizza & Pasta

Sauce: Flavor, flavor, flavor. Nice amount of season and the perfect amount spread on the pie.

Taste: A+ , it was just really good. It was tasty, greasy, and very cheesy.

Price: I ordered a medium 14’’ pizza and slice of strawberry cheesecake. I’m going to round it to about $20 with tax. Not expensive and delicious.


This Friday my babe and I ordered from a pizza place called Streets of New York. So, I rather start with good news first, when delivering good and bad news about anything. I thought it was okay. Ordering pizza at about 8 p.m., after barely eating all day, your hungry. It was eatable if hungry. My boyfriend didn’t like it at all. He was so disappointed. I thought it was okay, but he thinks he is a pizza connoisseur, so of course he’s right lol. Just to let everybody know I am the real pizza connoisseur. O.k., lets get right into it.

Streets of New York Pizza

Five things I look for in a good pizza:

Presentation: Was okay, I mean it looks good right. A little bit too cooked thou.

Dough: It didn’t taste fresh and doesn’t give me New York. The pizza crust wasn’t thin and I never had to ask for thin crust when ordering from a pizza place representing New York. So I was upset about that.

Streets of New York Pizza

Sauce: No real flavor. The sauce was sort of absent from the pizza.

Taste: C+, Its okay. Wasn’t worth the price they are asking for.

Price: $17.99 for just the pizza. Bought three chicken average wings which bought it to a total of about $28.00.

If I would have to choose between these two pizza’s I would have to go for New York’s Pizza & Pasta for the win.

Yummy New York Pasta & Pizza

It was just better for a lesser price and you don’t have to request thin crust lol. #pizza #Vegas #vacation #bestpizza #food

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10 thoughts on “Best Pizza in Las Vegas #1: New York v. New York

  1. As an Expat living and working in Uzbekistan, I’ve been sustaining myself more on take-out pizza than on other foods with all the restaurants being shut down for a month. Fortunately, pizzerias here are very good. In Toronto, Canada, our best pizza was New York style at an Italian restaurant called Vesuvio’s. Sadly, the joint is closing for good on April 19 after 63 years of business and having earned countless awards from pizza experts.

  2. Judging New York by the chaotic pattern of the salami slices and your comments about the great taste, shows it’s a very busy joint and they are professionals.

  3. Love your post and complete analysis. If you like New York pizza I would like to recommend you try COUSINS NY Pizza and Pasta. My cousin and I will be opening the restaurant later this month (end of April 2020).
    9773 W Flamingo Rd. 702-333-0086

    1. Oh cool!!! Yeah i would love to stop by. Im going to be doing more reviews on more pizza places in vegas. So its perfect for what im trying to do. I love pizza so of course. Good luck with everything and blessings on a big grand opening. Ill be looking out for that!!

      1. Hi! Are you able to come to Cousins NY Pizza and Pasta tomorrow, Saturday May 2nd lunchtime to pick up a complimentary pizza?

      2. Ahhhhh man im so mad im just getting this message, I didn’t see it untill now. But im still going to stop by anyways and try the pizza soon. 😊

      3. Hi. I never asked your name. Received a call from Gary. He said his wife was a blogger. We are going to deliver a large cheese pizza. Maybe this is you 🙂
        If it is, so glad you ordered. If it’s not you, hope to hear from you and hope you order soon 🙂

        Kind regards,

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