Friends or Nah!

Okay, so tonight were have Her Amaretto Sour. So lets make our drink and start the conversation.

Her Amaretto Sour

1 shot of amaretto liqueur

1 shot of lemon juice

1/4 oz apple crown royal

1 tsp syrup (any shall do)

Garnish: Oranges

Garnish: Grapes ( I usually use a cherry, but there not in season. So red grapes will do)


You will need a Boston Shaker, shot glass, and measurements. Oh and ice.

  1. Put two ice cubes in your glass shaker.
  2. Add all ingredients into shaker.
  3. Do the Boston shake for about 10 secs
  4. Pour into a glass with fresh ice
  5. Garnish and enjoy!!!!

Today I’m going to be speaking on “girl” friends, and what it’s like meeting basic woman. On how hard it is finding real “girl” friends.

The older I get I’m coming to realize you can’t be “girl” friends with woman who don’t have the same mentality as yourself. When someone who just does a 160 on you for no reason. It’s probably because they were hating you the entire time. Maybe your goals don’t match there’s or your lifestyle is just different. And you may not have a problem with that, but they secretly have a problem with you.  I mean, what else can it be? What makes a good friend? What makes someone turn on you for no reason? Do people even know. I have to ask all women a question, why are “girl” friends so quick to give you bad advice based on their miserable lives(I see that a lot on television)? Instead of giving other woman advice based on truth and love. When you become happy in your life and everything seems to be going well, trust me you’re going to see who your real friends are. What’s even funnier is woman are so quick to be under a man that don’t want them, or treat them like peasants, than to be a true friend to someone who’s telling them, they deserve better. I guess the song is true “No New Friends”, especially in 2020, only woman who are trying to do big things in their lives ( so we could help each other reach the top) , and happy with who they are. Guess its God moving people out of my life, before more blessings come. Well thanks for coming. Stay safe and pray. God bless #friends #women #cocktail #conversation

Psalms 107:2

5 thoughts on “Friends or Nah!

  1. So true! And it’s harder to find a good girlfriend too the older you get. Gone are the friends of basically every decade before now – now it’s every person for themself and the ego, hate and fakeness is everywhere. If you’re real and have a good heart, prepare to be targeted by some negative and narcissistic people.
    Positive note – Love the drink, can’t wait to try it 🙂

    1. Girl yas you said it best. The egos, haters, and fakeness is out of control. ❤❤❤ thank you for your real comment. Cheers 👑🍹

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