Cocktails & Conversation #10

Lets start with a drink, we are going to need it. We are going to be making a Pineapple Malibu.

1 shot of pineapple vodka

1 cup of sparkling ice coconut pineapple

2 shots of Malibu rum

Splash of orange juice

watermelon (for inside of drink)

pinnapple (for inside of drink)

Pour everything in a boston shaker with ice. Shake everything together for about 10-15 seconds. Serve over fresh ice. Drop a couple of watermelon and pineapple in the glass as well. Enjoy!!

Note: If you want, add a little champagne to get a quick feel good : )

So Refreshing


Is it hard for people to show empathy in the world? What is really happening in our society? Are we heading in the right direction? Are we heading in the wrong direction? Is it hard to see things through another person’s point of view? Can it really be that much hate in somebody’s heart, and if so why? Are people really blind to the obvious? Are these unjustified killing’s really just an accident? Is racism still in America? What is wrong with people?

Questions, questions, and more questions. There are so many questions that goes through my head, and still no answers. People are so focused on the problems and not finding a solution. Constant problems in the world and no solutions. People are really mad and are showing how angry they are, but is it working? It may feel good, but is it working? I surely hope so. #tiredofallthis #chaos



#americe #killings #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #ahmaudarbery #livesmatter #blacklivesmatter #weneedsolutions

1 Peter 3:11

Hebrews 12:14

Proverbs 17:22

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