Best Pizza in Las Vegas #2: Brother’s vs. Cousin’s

Hey everyone and welcome back to my page. I’m going to jump right into this blog today. We ordered Brother’s Pizza on a Wednesday after coming home, tired, and not wanting to cook. I had also been

Now there are five things I look for in a pizza: Presentation, dough, sauce, taste, and of course price

Presentation: Looks good, but not enough pepperoni for me. Somewhat greasy

Dough: Crunchy and soft in the middle. Not too bad.

Sauce: Bland flavor

Taste: C. The cheese was not fresh to me. Didn’t give that cheesy affect when your pulling the pizza apart. It was okay. The cheese started looking like crumbles. The sauce was bland, and the crest was really the only best thing. Also not enough pepperoni for me. Nothing fresh really

Price: 18.95 for a 14”. So not worth the price.


The following Friday we ordered from Cousins New York Pizza & Pasta, because well I needed to finish this blog lol. Anyways my experience with cousin’s pizza was a little bit better, even though they didn’t give any condiments as well (SAD FACE). The pizza was good, but just like cousins I didn’t have that OMG moment. Pepperoni was amazing.

Lets see how they did:

Presentation: It looks okay, nothing too special. Slices are amazing and somewhat greasy.

Dough: The crust part was really good. A little crunch with some softness in the middle, and the flavor of the crust was great. Toward the center of the pizza was a little too soft and too thin.

Sauce: Great flavors. Very seasoned.

Taste: B. Okay and the only reason I’m not saying it was (A)mazing is because the cheese was basic and the center of the pizza was too thin, almost unseen. It wasn’t cheesy cheese. It didn’t scream fresh ingredients all the way through. The pepperoni was amazing however, very tasteful. As well as the sauce and crust.

Price: Great price and worth it. 15.95 for a 18” which to me is a really good price. It’s a great price and the slices are huge.

If I would have to choose between my brother’s or my cousin’s I would have to give it to my cousin’s. It was little things that cousin’s pizza did better and that’s the reason for my decision. If your ever in Las Vegas you must stop by and support your cousin’s or both if you think I’m wrong. There is nothing better than eating pizza on a Friday night while watching the best movies. Well that’s all, enjoy the rest of your day. #LasVegas #pizza #food #cheese #eat

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