Don’t Ask “Are You Okay”

Last Monday was father’s day, and for me I’ve had a very hard week. I knew father’s day was going to be hard, but I didn’t think it would affect my whole week. My boyfriend is amazing because I honestly don’t know how he deals with my emotional ups and downs. But, anyways how do you handle a person who is going through a loss. Don’t ask them “ How are you doing?” Or “Are you going to be okay?”. This is absolutely the worst thing you could ask anybody who is hurting. For one, no they are not okay, and its only going to make them cry more. I don’t know why, but for me I don’t like it, when people ask me “are you going to be okay?”. I just feel like I don’t have a choice but to be okay, right? I have to keep living my life, right? I can’t drown myself in sorrow, right? Sometimes in life we are just face with things that we could never be prepared for. The only thing that you should say to a person who is going through a difficult time is “do you need anything”, and just be prepared to be there for them. Maybe throw in a “I’m sorry”, and a hug. Everybody needs someone they can count on in this world, because life don’t always roll 7 and 11’s. We have to pray to be strong when were feeling weak.  We have to overcome things when we feel like we cant even understand why. We as humans are stronger than we think. Love yourself and your doing great! We just have to keep moving forward. #life #loss #fathers #family #pain #help  

Why isn’t life fair? I think it should be.

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