Duncan’s Red Velvet and Lemon Cake Mix

Hey everyone welcome back to my page, I’m going to be sharing my experience with making a Duncan’s box red velvet and lemon mix cake (Does that make sense?). So over the weekend my boyfriend and I wanted to bake a simple cake. I wanted to put two of my favorite cakes together. I bought a box of Duncan red velvet and lemon cake mix. Next time I’m going to have to make it from scratch, but this time was something just to try, and that was easy and fast. So I hope you enjoy my pictures and experience as much as we did. Thank you for visiting my page and hope to see all of you back here for my next blog. Fun fact, I think this was and is an awesome idea, and I cant wait to try more. I think I’ll take a cooking class. Hopefully this pandemic life ends soon. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m ready to live life to the fullest. Do things and truly get out in life and inhale different air from different places. And eat more cake LOL!!!! Lets get into these easy steps. #cakes #desert #food #lemon #redvelvet

Ok time to cook:

Okay so first we are going to pour mix into separate bowls, and follow the ingredients on the back of box. It should be the same. Mix well. I told you guys this is really simple. Anybody could try this recipe.

Next you going to pour the red velvet mix in the pain first, then add the lemon mix. Note: I did not use all of the lemon cake mixture because I wanted more red velvet. I added as much as I thought I wanted. Im saying that because I could have added a little bit more.

Bake your cake following the instruction on back of cake box.

Let it cool, and add your frosting. I used cream cheese frosting!


Again hope you all enjoyed, also check out another experience making cupcake sundaes in an air fryer.

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