Personal Year 5

This is my personal year number 5 and I’m excited and looking forward to what life is going to bring me this year. The number 5 year is a journey of living life. The 5 year is a journey of freedom, change, adventure, new experience, and learning from mistakes (DeLorey, Christine). I want to be free from extreme grief and want to be able to deal with it in a positive way. I want to change and be better with how I handle business this year. I want to travel more this year and experience different things life has to offer. I recently got my passport and already traveled to Cancun. Flying international was a fun and interesting experience.

Find out what your personal year number is and embrace it. I’m excited to write more this year and bring all of you exciting new content. But for now I want to share a couple of pictures from my Cancun birthday trip. Did you know January is one of the best times to travel to Cancun?

This was the view from my room. I had a patio with a swim-up room with the beach view.

Just some pictures of me enjoying the resort.

There were plenty of cocktails

Before you leave be inspired. Happy New Year and blessing to you all.

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