Mango Pina Colada

Enjoy a mango pina colada that will make your taste buds dance. Its inexpensive to make and great for any day.


Dinner With Cabbage

This was a simple, but tasty fulfilling meal. You have your vegetable, starch, and protein. Not only is this recipe full of flavor, but it’s also healthy for us. For this recipe I did add some changes, but not too many changes. This is the perfect recipe to make during the weekday, because it doesn't take too much time.

Things to Have When Moving

. I was actually in the process of moving. Let me tell you I’m thirty and this was my very first time moving into a brand new place that’s mines. Kind of embarrassing I know, but its life. Between living with my parents, then moving in with my boyfriend, then back to my parents, now to my own chateau. Lol the struggle has been real.

Jim Carey’s Best Quote

Whatever God puts in your heart to do, go do it. I was watching a clip today on one of Jim Carey's speech and I was inspired. I have to say this is one of his most powerful quotes ever. Jim Carey is one of the most funniest man that American has been blessed with. Not only is he funny, but a true all around amazing humble man.